Content Marketing Tip for Mompreneurs

As an entrepreneur that is trying to build a business online, you want to have content that your follower will benefit from some way.  This can be content that you created or other content that you are sharing.

How do you accumulate a steady flow of valuable content that you provide your followers?

And how do you remember what content you want to share?

Here's a content marketing tip for all you mompreneurs that I use all the time.  

Always be a student and a learner. As you read books, listen to audios, watch videos, jot down different points that you can apply and create content around.

For example, when I am reading a book, I jot the page number on a post it and I leave it at the beginning of the book.  When I'm looking for content, I pick up the book, go that page number and refresh my memory about it.  Now I'm ready to create some content.

Other times I will write notes on a piece of paper and leave it in the book.  Same thing...when I am ready to create content, I pull out the piece of paper from the book and find a point that I want to create content around.

Keep in mind if you use the second method, only take notes on what you are actually going to apply and create content for.

Using this content marketing tip, you'll never run out of content that way! Hope this content marketing tip boosts you in the right direction! Wishing you much Mompreneur Success!


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